inTechnology Distribution Announces Distribution Agreement with WatchGuard Technologies
GOLD COAST, JUNE 3rd 2019 - Another historic day is upon us as we announce a new distribution agreement with WatchGuard Technologies.

This strategic distribution agreement will support WatchGuard’s strategy to boost the adoption of its secure suite of Wi-Fi products which organisations can use to build Trusted Wireless Environments that are fast, easy to manage and secure and deliver market-leading performance, scalable management and verified, comprehensive security.

Wi-Fi networks have always served as easy prey for cybercriminals looking to steal valuable information, primarily because vendors and businesses have made the mistake of looking at Wi-Fi security capabilities as an added benefit, rather than a primary feature. At the same time, more and more devices are leveraging Wi-Fi connectivity and this trend isn’t expected to slow down any time soon. 

“We are very excited to be working with a Wi-Fi vendor that is focused on and puts an emphasis on the security of their client's network,” said Mark Winter, CEO at inTechnology Distribution. “With our own focus on Wi-Fi and security, WatchGuard’s secure Wi-Fi portfolio was a natural fit for us and our partners. Partners now have access to sell Wi-Fi and security in a single solution which is unique in the industry,” said Mark Winter, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific,inTechnology Distribution.”

We will be working with WatchGuard to recruit partners who have traditionally been Wi-Fi specialists and now want to seize the market opportunity and provide customers with a secure Wi-Fi portfolio product set.
Why inTechnology Distribution?
inTechnology Distribution is one of the fasted growing value-added IT distributors (VAD) across the Asia Pacific region, working with thousands of Reseller Partners driving business opportunities and exceeding revenue expectations across the region.

We do our due diligence in selecting only the best and most disruptive technologies from around the world and distribute them through our channel partners that are made up of solution providers, consultants and reseller partners.

As a true Value Add Distributor, we create sales success by gaining vital mindshare from our channel and customer acceptance across multiple cultures, languages and time zones. We offer a full portfolio of Pre/Post Sales and Technical Services to compliment our sales efforts and help drive business through the channel across the region.

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